Let's Talk Summer Goals

It's Summer time!

So let's talk summer goals. This year has been a rocky one to say the least. A really rocky one. But instead of feeling all doom and gloom I am determined to make the most of this summer before the seasons change once again.
So what are my goals for the rest this summer? What is on my personal agenda?

Despite the first half of this year being one bizarre roller coaster, I am determined to not dwell on it. From all of the mess and garbage that happened, I am determined that what I bring out of the first half of 2017 will be lessons. Mistakes and regrets are all well and fine to feel from time to time but I refuse to dwell. Instead I shall do the only thing I can, and take from them life lessons.

I want to be more present in the here and now rather than fretting and analysing the past and worrying about the future. It's what's in the present moment that counts. I am so determined to continue learning about mindfulness.

I am not holding my breath, we live in England so we all know how the summer holidays may end up being a total wash out. Therefore, whenever we have any weather that is not torrential rain, I am going to be out enjoying it. I shall be using my new picnic bits, sitting out in the garden, going for wandering walks, taking the bouncing boys to the park and visiting the beautiful beaches that we live near. Because before I know it the rain will be making me look and feel like a drowned rat.

I managed to over the space of a year put on half a stone. It doesn't seem like too much but considering my goal was to lose that, I am now one whole stone (and a bit more) away from my target again. So, although I will allow myself to indulge in the odd ice cream and stuff my face at the family gatherings and BBQs, on the other days I shall be using my fitness pal to be tracking my calories and I am going to be more active! Watch this space. I'd be happy if I just shed a few pounds. Ill think of it this way; the more I lose now, the more I can indulge at my favourite time of the year; Christmas!

I have spent this past academic year missing my little man each and every day. I never looked forward to him going to school and to some extent I never really got used to it. Every day I would hug him even tighter when he walked through the door. I love that we still have more time before he goes back to school. I hate that when he returns that my youngest picks up an extra day (and a whole one at that!) at pre school. So for the rest of this summer I will be totally and utterly indulging in them and the lazy mornings we can have.

Be it a new walk in our local area, or a day out somewhere where we have never been before; I want to explore some more. I feel so lucky to live in the gorgeous surroundings that I do, so I want to start making the most of it and exploring the places we have never been before.
Have you got any goals you wish to complete or follow before the summer is over? List them below, we would love to hear them!

sunshine, beach, sand, summer
sunshine, beach, sand, summer

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