A Simple Mindfulness Task

Mindfulness is something that I have turned my attention to over the past year or so. Mindfulness has massively changed the way I see life now. I used to always look to the negative. And if something negative happened, I would then create a link in my brain to everything negative around me that I could think of. Now I am trying so hard to be mindful. I know much more about my brain and how it works. I've always found psychology interesting and I have studied it in the past. Mindfulness really showcases how your brain works, why it makes the links and comes to the conclusions that it does.

I could write so much about mindfulness and hopefully I will do some more posts about it, but I wanted to just address one small strategy I read about from the mindfulness book. A strategy that I had seen and done before a couple of years back. Something so simple but so powerful. It is something that The Happiness Planner gets you to do too.

The strategy encourages gratification. It encourages thankfulness. It helps you to think about the simple things in life and to focus on those.

The task is literally to write 3-4 good things that have happened that day before you go to bed. I can not express enough how much I truly believe this works in helping you to be mindful. Instead of going to bed with a stream of negative events and thoughts running riot through your mind, you go to bed thankful. Thankful that a few things, be them big or small, were good that day.

I did it for a week. Before I did it for a year as I had The Happiness Planner 2016. Some things would be very small; like my child told me they loved me. Somethings would be much bigger, like achieving a goal. It doesn't matter what you put, big nor small. Important or not. Just 3-4 good things. Some days I thought I struggled, until I started and I soon realised there is always some good in every day. Some days I could have listed many more. It made me realise just how much good there can be in life but more importantly it encourages me to be much more thankful for these happy good things.

Now, instead of writing them down, I go to bed and reflect. I try my hardest to filter the negativity and I try so hard to think of the good in the day. Going to bed reflecting on that already then sets you up for a much calmer and happier day the next day.

I encourage you all to try this mindful task for just one week and let me know the results. Thank you.

Here is a link to a free printable that I have created that you can download and print to help you fill in the task for a week. You will need to select the link and copy into a browser.


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