Wee hours of a regular Indian home maker

Rathi woke up suddenly at around 3:45 a.m. thinking it was time to begin the day. Her Lenovo smartie told her that she had another 75 minutes to dream before she pulled herself up. She glanced around to see what her other room mates were doing. Her daughter Dia was sleeping soundly in the seventh heaven inside the mink blanket and wouldn't know even if a tremor rocked the building . Her son Om had kicked a goal and turned over to continue his game facing the wall. Om's goal had been a perfect shot causing the goalkeeper, her husband Kannan to jump up from his bed. Muttering about Om's increasing nocturnal love for football , Kannan started fiddling with his phone. Rathi told him that Facebook and Whatsapp would wait for him to kickstart the day at 0500 hrs and dozed off. He continued digging into the phone as it was essential to mark himself present in Facebook and Whatsapp in these wee hours. Then he knocked off to sleep. Rathi had barely closed her eyelids when her smartie reminded her that it was time to begin the suprabatham. Thus she started….