What time is it now? The hall watch is showing 7:12 a.m. But the bedroom clock is walking faster at 7:30 a.m. Finally the TV and mobile are consulted for their versions and the correct time is announced as 7:10 a.m. This kind of confusion arises very rarely. But when it does , it makes you go nuts. Do all clocks in everybody's house sing the same time or do they differ like ours? I started timing the clocks faster in order to wake up the children and get them ready for school. In the beginning , they woke up early. As they grew up, they began to stretch asking for an extra five minutes of sleep. The extra five minutes of sleep are so good , believe me.The kids would then begin their morning duties keeping the time of the fast clock in mind. They would get ready for school quite comfortably with a lot of time to spare. The children were unaware of the speeding up of the clock. The elders would take the differential time as a cushion for relaxing or catching up with their rasipalans on TV. Soon kid also understood that the clock was speeded up. So they took full advantage of the fast clock and used it as a shield when they were taking breaks from their homeworks.Now the fast clock pulls me out the bed in a second. No one really bothers about the difference in time of the clocks in my house.

I want to see what will happenif all clocks chime properly.