10 Most Important Kinds of Assignment Used in Teaching

by James J. Ledet
by James J. Ledet

Whether you are studying in college or online, it is essential for you to understand various types of assignments that you will be required to do throughout your education. If you are accustomed to face-to-face education, you may not be able to discipline your work at home that’s why assignments are mostly given to the students that are studying in the physical colleges. Here is a list of 10 of the most popular assignments that your instructors will give you in class.

1. Answer the questions in class

This is one where a teacher closely monitors students. It is most common in face-to-face lectures. The instructor gives you a video or several chapters after watching or reading which you have to respond on the set of questions and make observations. Learners have an option to read work in class or on their own as long as they submit their answers on time.

2. Research papers

This is the most popular assignment that you will have to deal with in college. Essay writing is common, and you must learn how to come up with right words and perfect grammar for the paper. If you choose to check out assignment writing service Edubirdie, thoroughly go through the paper to make sure that it meets all the requirements of your class.

3. Examinations

Usually, you are required to receive as much testing as possible to ensure that you understand what it takes to join the career world. For online courses, you may be monitored through webcams and identity verification questions.

4. Blogging

Blogs are great because they help students keep up with what is happening outside of school. They add new insight into the courses. They are great for online classes because they reflect life and experiences of students from the classroom to the internships.

5. Discussion boards

These are often meant to supplement your coursework every week. For online students, they help replace classroom discussions. They help students share ideas on topics discussed and find solutions. Sometimes you will be required to submit responses before you see what other classmates have written about the subject.

6. Case-based assignments

These are common in some courses. For these, you will have to check out a real-life scenario and analyze it using the concepts learned throughout the course. You may have to research, analyze and present potential solutions.

7. Problem assignments

These are taken away from the basic textbook ideas. It encourages learners to get references and initiate their creative thinking skills. One must get particular suggestions and directions from their professors.

8. Contract assignments

These are personalized assignments offered by teachers that help them understand how each student is fairing in the classroom. They also help adjust the tasks to the interests and personalities of the learner.

9. Drill assignments

The primary purpose of this type of assignment is to improve upon the connections formed as the mental and motor skills develop. It tests the mastery of facts and memorization of concepts.

10. Unit assignments

These are given at the end of each unit to test a learner’s mastery of the issues taught and their ability to find sources that support the textbooks used in class. They are flexible and are often within the unit assignment plan.