Ice Dams Shouldn’t Be Overlooked; Here are Some Things You Need to Know

by Gabriella
by Gabriella

Ice dams are not safe for a roofing system. Ice dam that forms around the edge of your roof can prevent melting snow or rainwater from draining off your shingles. Ice dams can cause leaks which will damage the ceilings, walls, insulation and other components. Some Roofing system in Northville Michigan often needs repair as a result of damage caused by ice dams. If the problems are not solved quickly, the ice dam can create a bigger issue that will demand a costly repair.

With the help of professional roofing contractors in Northville Michigan, ice dams can be prevented if every necessary thing is put into consideration. However, here are some things you should know about ice dams.

Evolution of Ice Dams on the Roof

Ice dams usually formed when some specific wintry events complete their circle. It started with the snow stage where snow will cover the top of a roof. At the exterior part of the roof, the higher elevations of the roofing system will be above freezing while the lower roof part will be below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. After that, if these type of temperatures are maintained for a period, the snow at the higher elevation of the roof will melt, and the water will run down the lower part of the roof to freeze and form what we called ice dam.

Ice Dams as the Causes of Water Damage

After the dam trap has been set at the edge of the roof, it will be more convenient for the snow to keep melting and flowing down toward the dam and make it their lodge. Thus, the freezing water will let the ice dam grow larger enough that the melting snow wouldn’t be able to get to the parts of the roof which are below or at the freezing point, therefore, it’ll remain liquid and makes it seep into the cracks. As a result of such event, the attic will be damaged by water and water will flow down the lower parts of the house.

The solution for Ice Dams

If a knowledgeable roofing contractor does not initially install your roofing system, your home may be vulnerable to an ice dam. Therefore, it is advisable to contact a roofing contractor near your area to inspect your roof to assert the integrity. To get a solution for the hidden damage on your home, it is advisable to get a roof replacement early before the winter season.

Another solution to an ice dam on the roof is to seal all parts of the ceiling to prevent heated air from transforming into the attic from the main area of the house. The top of the roof can get warmed when heated air in the attic escaped through the major part of the home, and it will allow snow to melt and form ice dams. However, if you have a proper plan and enough money to spend on your roof, it is not bad to have additional insulation placed in the attic, it will help a lot.