You Won't Break Me

Revenge is sweet. And yeah i mean it. For all those months, I have to put up with your lies and cheats.

Remember those time you put me in deep shit? I told myself i had enough, no more chances. I rise back up and say that's it!

Couple of times, i wanted to pack my stuff and leave. But you stopped me. You did. So you gave me that look in my eyes and say take back the key. All i heard was , I'm sorry Farrah, don't leave me.

So unfortunately I stayed. I shouldn't done so. But i was helpless and weak . And thought life without you, would be bleak.

I tried to be patience like i always am. But things got worsen, I heard a loud slam. I was scared, it was you. I saw the monster in you. I cried, what i predicted was somehow true.

You always joke around with me, farrah, i'll bring them whores, home? Don't you have feelings at all? I'm hurting, can't you see?

Is getting late now, trying to get some sleep. But somehow the damage, the betrayal is just too deep.

I wish you could understand how i feel. The pain inside me is just too hard to heal. But oops sorry, i forgot you have no empathy. Keep reminding myself no stop, this is not healthy.

Once again, I'm sick and tired, I literally am. And here i am crying, oh stop Damn. I told myself to stay strong. But thoughts and bad memories of you just seems so wrong.

I got four words for you and my enemies, You won't break me. Yeah probably you guys just full of jelousies. I have so much for you guys to get mad at, just wait, Wait for the day i will be the person i meant to be.