Commitment, is it there in your relationship?

Whether you have a great relationship or a failing one, commitment will always be apart of it. Does your partner really commit his all to You, both as an individual or as a partnership?

My friend gave me this scenario;

She and her partner have an unhealthy relationship. Not due to being unfaithful, horrible, unkind. Simply due to the lack of understanding of one another. Although they had been in a relationship for a long period of time, once past the 'honeymoon' period, they realised that they actually had more in depth personalities then let on at first. Which is natural. You don't care about one another's quirks at first. But then it hits You, quite fast. Crap, maybe I don't like this about them, visa versa. Well this is when the arguments started.

They we're lost on a downward spiral, trying to pull themselves out. But not actually truly trying to pull their relationship out with them. They wanted the easy option, the 'escape'. Not realising that this relationship meant more to them then just running away from it. Tired of the endless battles, the back and forward comments that seamlessly bursts one anothers self esteem.

This is where the question is asked, do they actually have commitment within themselves to this relationship? Do they really want it? Is it causing to much pain? Is it draining them too much to continue?

If love is There, and you both truly believe it will work, then it will. But as an individual you need to decide that first before continuing the endless battles of “I'm leaving or “I'm kicking you out”