3 differences between Hotels and Bed and Breakfast Tauranga

Nowadays, hotels are trying to copy or emulate the style and personalized services of a Bread and Breakfast. However, it is evident that they continue to fail as of yet. The main reason for this is that hotels and B&Bs are made for slightly different purposes. While B&Bs are all about providing basic to comfortable amenities along with highly personalized experience, a hotel infrastructure is designed to offer a comfortable to even luxurious getaway but a cookie-cutter one nonetheless. When it comes to staying at hotels, you know what the experience shall be since you know about the hotel and the area around it, but in the case of Bread and Breakfasts, you know everything about the hotel, its food and rooms but don’t know how the experience is going be.

Bay Heights Bnb Tauranga Harbour — by Emily Jones
Bay Heights Bnb Tauranga Harbour — by Emily Jones

Perhaps the real reason behind the growth of Bread and Breakfasts is that these are one of a kind. Even the rooms are not the same, like in a normal hotel. At some places, the rooms have different themes! Thus, customers get exciting and different experiences in each room.

Tauranga Harbour — by Emily Jones
Tauranga Harbour — by Emily Jones

Finally, in the case of Bed and Breakfasts, the owners are actively involved in the day to day running or the facility. This is generally their sole business and thus they desire to offer the best possible service to each customer by offering a personalized experience every single time. Visitors thus feel a deeper connection to the place.

Many people think that hotels are still much better than a Bed and Breakfast as they offer numerous comforts, amenities and luxuries. This is not true. You can find all these at a B&B too. If this is what you are after by the way, just see if the Bed and Breakfast has been inspected by the AAA or Select Registry and has a high grade or rating. Such a high rating ensures that the facility is known for its amenities, cleanliness and even luxurious accommodations.

Here are some ways to make sure that the Bed and Breakfast is what you are looking for:

1) Third party ratings and inspections: Is the Bed and Breakfast rated high by a legitimate third party organization? Generally, such organizations conduct on-site inspections periodically to properly rate the facility and its amenities. Everything is taken into account: rooms, food, cleanliness, decoration, theme, concierge service and more.

2) Amenities in the room: While Bed and Breakfasts are certainly simple; they also need to sharpen their competitive edge. This means that they need to offer amenities which would attract more and more customer. Nowadays, you get all the modern comforts and amenities like internet access, AC, televisions and more.

3) No hidden costs: There are no hidden costs at Bed and Breakfasts. For instance, if you wish to see a movie at the comfort of your own room, the owners shall charge you $6 to $12 per movie.

These are only some of the many benefits and plus points of staying at a Bed and Breakfast Tauranga.