Comprehensive Wardrobe for the Expectant Mothers

When a woman is pregnant, it becomes important for her to be comfortable in her dressing. However, the challenge is staying stylish, where dressing a bump proves a hard task since one gets a stylish and comfortable outfit at the start or the first months of the pregnancy, the same cannot work for let’s say the seventh month of the pregnancy when the bump has become bigger and what looks nice on the seventh month may not suit your look at the end of the pregnancy. Despite all this, there is hope as several fashion designers have looked entirely on dressing and designing cloth ware and accessories for expectant women.

by Elanora Brown
by Elanora Brown

For expectant women, proper clothing in regard needs to be considered while at the same time remaining trendy and fashionable. It makes it a lot exciting and confident when a pregnant woman feels safe and comfy when pregnant and stays in style. Moods swings and nauseating are common during pregnancy which can be aggravated by a miscalculation or dissatisfaction with the dressing and appearance. Being fashionable and at ease acts as a motivation to look forward to the journey and enhances interaction with other people and boasts an expectant woman’s morale.

What to wear on the First trimester going on

According to Amy Tara Koch the writer of “Bump it up” and doubles up as a renowned maternity stylist, most people are faced with the challenge of transitioning through trimesters. On the first trimester, most women do not want to disclose they are pregnant as yet. Legendary fashion guru Alison Deyette has an important advice on the first three months. She advocates that one should lose all the tight and clingy outfits.

In return, clothes that flow over the tummy to the thighs can be a good way of covering up the few kilos one might have gained. Silhouettes, dresses, and empire-waist tops offer a good choice here as well as wrap shirts, A-line skirts, and soft knitted cloths. Tops should fall lose over your belly while covering it such as the blouson styled ones- where a waistline is fitted at the end of the top but allows some free room over the waistline. Boot length stretch jeans can add to a more confident look.


You should also consider what you wear as well since your feet carry all your weight. Shoes should be light in weight so as to avoid extra weight that can cause fatigue and exhaustion. Shoes for an expectant mother should be well arched to balance the increasing weight equally on the foot. Furthermore, shoes should allow more breathing and air to avoid moisture that can cause feet to swell. Buckle and lace shoes should be avoided and instead, easy slip-on shoes adopted. Here, one should be more comfortable even if it means not being stylish.

How to style up and avoid too much fabric

Before the baby bump reaches about seven months, it appears like one has become thicker or fatter which can pose a challenge to many expectant mothers. Most of the normal maternity attire have a lot of fabric, which puts off mothers who do not want to appear bigger on top of the growing bump. But how do expectant mothers go through this dilemma? The key here is to maneuver around your wardrobe and give it a few more new looks. For example, since most people love their jeans, a belly band can be used to keep the pants up when they can no longer be unbuttoned, that is during the sixth month.

Another conventional and less costly way is looping a rubber band through the buttonhole and over the button where no one will notice your jeans are unbuttoned especially with a blouson top on. This will help you stay comfortable and keep the bump safe while maintaining your fashion design and favorite apparels. Furthermore, layering tanks can be worn under tops that one does not need to button fully, or they can be worn under a large blazer.

In this category, pregnant mothers should look out for attires that have inbuilt shapes and panels which are helpful in streamlining the growing bump and be able to accommodate the enlarging breasts too. Tanks go well with skimming tops and cardigans especially if they are made of a smooth fabric.

Layering attires such as V-necks and scoop tops helps in putting a pregnant woman in shape. Camisoles can be worn with something on top, while skinny jeans and tunics form a good combination. is a good place to visit and get more of these and other details.

Since you are aiming at being comfortable and stylish at the same time, a lot of work needs to be done on the two. Over-wearing your sweatpants to be comfortable will not do since some women wear them even in uncalled for occasions, forgetting their fashion sense. Instead, a good blend of leggings, dresses, jeans and jersey knits goes a long way.

In addition to covering your growing belly, one should be cautious not to look baggy in other areas. A dress that suits and fits everywhere is the answer such as the Isabella Oliver Vivian Print T-shirt Dress which shows off the belly but keeps the rest of the body as is.

Since jeans tend to make people feel good and fantastic, it is worth mentioning that a good investment in a number of 5-pocket belly jeans that are easy to dress up or down makes them good for any occasion. For those women who are concerned about patterns and stripes, the key things are to have an overall flattering print that does not create negative space. If you are worried about colors, especially those of you who tend to wear dark colors such as navy, worry no more. This is because, if one can have a unique color detail around their belly, it actually makes one flattering and trendy at the same time.