On life on depression

Today write on life there are many1 people have short time with illness or cancer if have cancer life she to short go out there and enjoyed wild you have it or some people depression dodoes know what to do the depression is made thing in Ireland thetthere is many clinic out there to help people but you can drop in clinic they so sad but they are get hard stay open .people out there shut them self from real world does come out meet the people to afraid to say something they need help it not nice know that one million out there need our help .some people depression when they are told bad news think they should have some person in hospital there with you it like don't care how you take the news I think they government should do more for mental health it is big thing in ireland and Europe countries as well it should be put out there let people know they ar e not alone that drops in so sad they can help them more but have people got any staff on they need more volunteer in to them I like say I was with team off them I found they more help full they are best staff out there so nide a way come out say that you need help nothing to be shame about they are there help you when you need it most weather you have cancer or depression