Places To Visit In Lebanon

by David_Scott
by David_Scott

There are plenty of places to visit in Lebanon and the best option is to rent a car in Lebanon so that you can travel at ease and enjoy the most of your holiday. From beaches to museums, parties and nature, Lebanon is an amazing country and every place will make you fall for it. However, if you are short of time, here is quick list of what you should do in Lebanon.

Paragliding:- If you are an adventure friendly creature, this should be in your priority list. Paragliding can be experienced from a number of places in Lebanon. Take a glide from the mountain and descend with some breath-taking views. This experience will open up panoramic perspective about Lebanon. This adventurous spree will provide you with something you will never forget.

Jeita Grotto:- This place has taken its name from the location itself and the place was discovered in 1836 by Reverend William Thomson. However, the place was damaged during the Civil War in 1978 but it was re-opened for travellers again in 1995. The rock formations of the Jeita Grotto are its highlights. The formations are untouched and a few changes are made only to make the transportation easier.

Norther Lebanon:- This is the most beautiful expanse of the country. And still, the large part of the natural landscape is undiscovered by the tourists. Akkar is a gem that awaits the explorer to behold its view. However, the place is difficult to get around because of the lack of preparation. Best rent a cart in Lebanon and enjoy it.

Baatara Gorge Waterfall:- This is one of the most amazing places in Lebanon. This is also a natural rock formation and it is the best site to visit in Lebanon. This was found by Henri Coiffait in 1952 and the waterfall has gained popularity recently only. The geologists have assumed that the site is million years old.

Walk through Hamra:- Hamra is Lebanon’s cultural hub. The place is full with universities in Lebanon and has a rich cultural history. There is no secret that you need a walk through the streets of Hamra. You can engross yourself in the hustle bustle of the place and meet the young students, tourists and locals.

The Souqs:- Once you are in Lebanon, you cannot miss to visit the lush souqs (markets) of the region. Lebanon is known as the Middle East’s fashion capital and hence, your visit to the Beirut Souk is a must. Some of the international brands like Kenzo, DKNY are waiting for you.