Guide to Choose the Best Service Provider for Container Drayage in Vancouver

by David Bergman
by David Bergman

Companies that deal with freight to transport bulk materials need a reliable service provider for quality container drayage in Vancouver. You need a company that caters to more than just drayage services to their clients. It is best to choose a company that not only moves your goods but also provide you with complete service involving shipping, processing, and storage as well. But before that one needs to understand the concept of container drayage services.

The basics of container drayage services

The term drayage means the procedure of getting freight out of a port or rail yard for loading or unloading purpose. It is an important aspect of moving of bulk products to and from different types of transportation.

The term comes from the word dray meaning a cart pulled by horses that are used to transport goods. Going back in time these horse-drawn carts were replaced by trucks. However, even today the name remains the same. It is highly valuable in freight transportation that has only gained more importance with the global trade revolution of the modern era. With an increase in trade across states and countries, in recent years container drayage has become an inevitable part of businesses dealing in imports and exports.

Choosing the right container Drayage services in Vancouver

by David Bergman
by David Bergman

You will find a number of container drayage services in Vancouver . But you need to weigh out all your options before hiring one. What you need is a reliable company that has a good reputation in the market. They should be able to provide with more than just the transportation part.

Given below are a few things that you should consider before hiring a Drayage service provider.


Look for a company that has both experience and holds a good reputation in the market. That is the first and foremost quality that you should seek in a container drayage service provider. With experience comes the ability to handle different type’s freight for varied purposes. When a company performs well and is trustworthy then it will surely have a good reputation in the market. You need a company like that to ensure that your products are in the right hand.


It is good if the company you hire also provides with warehousing solutions. In many cases, it takes time to collect the goods after getting transported. So it is best if the company can help you with a storage option before you can collect your goods. That way it becomes much more convenient for you.


Since transported goods are in bulk quantity, you need to manage and organize them to avoid any confusion. If you can get a company that caters in that area as well it saves a lot of money and effort to find a different service provider to take care of that particular task. The customer demand has pushed many open up web based inventory management services.

Check for the above-mentioned to find the right company for container drayage in Vancouver.