The daily battle with anxiety and depression

Living with someone that has severe anxiety and depression. Living with someone that has anxiety and depression is an extremely hard task you never know when they're going to have a bad day or good day the attacks can trigger at any time. Sometimes there's nothing other people can do or say to help its what you have to challenge you have to challenge your own thoughts when these attacks occur try to always have a pen and paper and when you having these negative thoughts or your mind is racing right them down and then challenge them take the negative and turn it into a positive. My husband suffers from these illnesses and everyday is a struggle with him he almost lost his marriage and his four children he tried to commit suicide twice and still is a living with it daily. Sometimes not all medicine helps because everyone else say oh you need to get help you're sick you're messed up in the head that's not the case you just think different than some other people do it's not your fault on how you think that's just how your brain works and how your brain function don't ever second-guess yourself if you're having those thoughts. I'm down on paper or call friend you haven't talked to in a long time and tell him how you're feeling get someone that's going to listen to you you know for every action there's a reaction for every reaction there's a action there's a consequence with every decision you make. Some people think that you're crazy if you tell him how you're having these negative thoughts and you're thinking this and you're thinking that or you having a hard time breathing or you feel like you're going to puke because your anxiety attacks are taking over it's not all just in your head it is an exotic attack it can be quite scary and it can lead to more harm if it's not addressed in the right ways so my advice would be don't take it out on everyone else do not push everybody else away get a pen and paper and write down all your thoughts that's a big factor write your thoughts down turn your negative into a positive whether it's you think your wife cheating on you. say you write it down I think my wife is cheating on me then you write down underneath it I know my wife, my wife would never cheat on me and then list three reasons why your wife would never cheat on you. I asked of my if my husband could do this and he thought I was crazy at first and he started doing it and it helps him out a lot and if you don't follow through with getting help and challenging everything then you have a chance of doing something that you'll regret in the future like my husband tried to commit suicide it is a very sad and dangerous illness like I said. tell your brain that's not true then you will eventually lose everything and everyone.