Marmaris Turtle Beach Tour

Sail from Marmaris to the natural conservation area where endangered Loggerhead turtles lay their eggs on the gorgeous sandy beach each June.

A very popular tour destination from Marmaris is Turtle Beach, where you’ll have time to explore this fascinating conservation area where endangered Loggerhead Turtles return each June to lay their eggs on the sandy seashore. In this tour lunch is included in the price. In the afternoon, you will enjoy the panoramic cruise back to Marmaris port from where you’ll be returned safely back to your own resort.

Trips to Marmaris Turtle Beach is a very popular day trip. famous with a 7 km long, white sandy beach which is one of the last breeding area of the loggerhead Caretta sea turtles. The beach is a sand bank separating the sea and lake. You can first take a swim on the beach side where the water is salty and then on the lake side where the water will be fresh.

During Marmaris dalyan Tour you'll be fascinated with the ancient Lycian king tombs that are carved directly into rock face around the 4th century BC. Farther up, there are natural mud and sulphur baths. Simply follow the smell to find it!! Yes it may smell awful but it's very medicinal for your body and skin. It's said that you just get five years younger.

Turtle Beach
Turtle Beach

Dalyan is an area of historical interest and exceptional beauty. With its world-renowned Turtle Beach, the awe-inspiring Rock Tombs and also the Mud Baths that are natural, Dalyan sparkles as among the rarest corners of the Earth.

Following our arrival in Dalyan, we will move into river boats to access the sights of this unique area. The river boat cruise through the labyrinth-like passages of Dalyan Delta will surely remind you of Humphrey Bogart's & Catherine Hepburn's “The African Queen”

Turtle Beach, surrounded by salt water on a single side and fresh water on the other, is one of the last breeding grounds consequently and of the Sea Turtles delightfully undeveloped.

The one and half hours break on the Turtle Beach is likely to be merely enough to savour the blessings of this especial sand bank.

Famous Mud Baths in Dalyan
Famous Mud Baths in Dalyan

In the spectacular Rock Tombs, the river boats stop on our way to the Mud Baths. Century B.C.

Thermal springs and the rejuvenating Mud Baths of Dalyan have drawn within the past few years like Dustin Hoffman, Sting and David Bowie to name some. So why not let it work for you personally, seemingly it has worked for them.

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