Top 6 Things To Do On Your Maui Trip

Sunrise in Maui
Sunrise in Maui

Maui, the second-largest island in Hawaii, has become one of the most sought after travel destinations throughout the planet. If hiking through craters, swimming under waterfalls and driving through the coastline are something you’ve always dreamt of, Maui awaits you. No matter whether you’re travelling alone or with your family, the amazing island of Maui is full of wonderful things that are more than enough to keep everyone occupied and happy. But if you feel overwhelmed by so many choices and need some help to make your vacation amazing, here’re the top 6 things that you must do during your stay in Maui.

1. Road to Hana: To capture amazing views of Maui’s wonderful coastline, driving is the only thing you need to do. The scenic highway passes along cascading waterfalls that line the eastern shore of the island and twists through the lush rainforest. You can start this trip from Kahului and motor 55 miles to Hana. The distance might seem short, but covering it may take an entire day, thanks to the abundance of scenic lookouts.

2. Go canoeing: If you love to experience the way the ancient Polynesians reached Hawaii, you need to join a trip in South Maui waters. This is a great exercise that offers fun and allows you to see the island in an affordable, yet exciting way. This is one of the best canoe tours to enjoy in Hawaiian waters.

3. Hike Haleakala Crater: This is a truly cherishable land activity in Maui. You just need to head out for an extraordinary day of volcano hiking. During this 4 mile hike, you experience the otherworldly beauty of Haleakala Crater that covers an area larger than Manhattan with abundance of breathtaking views that are sure to become memories of a lifetime.

4. Explore lava: Much of Maui’s best scenery comprises of lush and green, but the island’s lava fields offer unique beauty. Makena in Kihei area is one of the best places to experience this almost lunar landscape, and horseback riding is perhaps the best way to do this. Though it’s a perfect tour for both beginners and experienced riders alike, but if you’re comfortable on the back of a horse, you’ll be to concentrate more on what you’re seeing around than staying seated.

5. Go fishing: There’re scores of fishing tours and boats available in Maui, eve some with kid-sized gears and family-friendly options. Plan a whole day or a few hours (preferably in early morning, late afternoon or early evening) and have a great time catching some local varieties. If you catch sufficient for a meal, you can even grill them up beachside as several beaches in Maui offer public barbecue facilities.

6. Enjoy a helicopter tour: After you’ve experienced the above five, it’s time to get a bird’s perspective through a helicopter tour. It might seem a bit costly (depending on the duration of your flight and the tour operator) but seeing Maui from the height is something memorable that you just can’t afford to miss. After all, taking in the stunning vistas of craters, waterfalls, valleys and cliffs of Maui isn’t something that you would get a chance to do every day.

If shopping is one of your priorities, you can spend a day at Makawao, Lahaina and Pai‘a that are Maui’s best spots for buying gifts. So, now when you know the most important things to do in Maui, book your tickets and get ready for your next perfect tropical holiday.