6 Must-Have Items To Carry On Your Trekking Trip

Trekking in the wild
Trekking in the wild

When preparing for that adventurous trek, it’s common to overlook or forget some of those must-have items. It’s more difficult if it’s your first trek because all the excitement can overshadow your preparations and make you miss a thing or two, which may make life miserable at the high altitude when you badly need them. So, here are six basic items (not necessarily in the given order) that you must carry on your trek:

1. A sturdy water bottle: Instead of taking plastic bottles or pouches that may leak or add to the garbage you often find on trails, invest in a sturdy water bottle that won’t break, leak or get crushed by falls. This way, you will keep yourself adequately hydrated and can refill whenever you spot natural streams. Carrying your own water bottle would mean not only steer clear of adding much load of water during your treks but even do your part towards conserving the ecological balance by controlling plastic wastes.

2. Some energy-packed munching items: Trekking can take a toll on your energy levels much faster than what you would have anticipated. To replenish your energy levels, make sure to pack some munching items like dry fruits or nuts, energy bars, chocolates etc. Since these foods don’t take much space and are lightweight, you can carry them easily without worrying about spillovers or adding up too much of weight to your backpack.

3. A sturdy daypack or backpack: Traveling light and having all your essentials organized is the key thing for a good trek. Instead of saving a few bucks by purchasing cheap backpacks or daypacks that hurt your shoulders or cause bruising, invest in a high quality daypack or backpack that balances the load evenly, is easy on your shoulders, helps you keep your things organized and gives easy aces to them, makes you feel less sweaty on the back, and prevents your gears/items from light snow and/or rain.

4. Hand sanitizer: Holding onto rocks or twigs for support, or coming in contact with rocks, mud, leaves, insects or anything unwanted during your ascent or descent is common during treks. Carrying a hand sanitizer and using it often would help control such germs and reduce your chances of falling ill, no matter whether you are trekking a nearby trail or are out on a multi-day trek.

5. A flashlight/torchlight: Imagine returning from a trail or nearing your camp when everything goes pitch dark all of a sudden. Having a flashlight or torchlight in such cases can be lifesaving since it would lead you the right way and let you reach your destination safely. After all, you never know if your trek would take a time longer than you’ve expected (due to some problems or unexpected delays enroute). So, it pays to be prepared to ensure your own safety.

6. Swiss knife: This small but extremely handy toolset can let you survive through mud, muck, thin, thick and slime. From peeling a fruit in the wild and cutting a sandwich to making your way through some bushes or cutting tent ropes, this knife can serve a lot of purposes.

So, make sure to pack these things to enjoy your trek to the optimum. If there’s anything else that you would add to your must-have trek items list, let us know in the comments section below.