Unusual Pizza Ideas

Pizza is the ultimate comfort food. The universal feeling of warm, cheesy bread smothered in sauce is something that can really bring people together around the dinner table. However, most pizza-lovers have already had your classic cheese slice, tried a meat-lovers pie at some point, and even ordered a veggie delight when they were trying to feel especially “healthy”. But what about something more unique? That’s right. With the foodies of today wanting innovation in their everyday food, these classic variations just don’t cut it anymore. Chefs and home cooks alike are looking for a way to spruce up pizza night. Well, look no further. Here we break down exciting new pizza ideas even the most seasoned of culinary experts will love:

Different Toppings

An easy way to spruce up regular pizza is to try out unusual topping combinations. Adding some fruit to an otherwise savory dish is a fun and unexpected way to do this.

Take your favorite pizza dough (homemade or store-bought, we won’t judge), drizzle it in olive oil, and then bake with Romano cheese shavings. Once it is hot out of the oven, top with a generous heap of arugula and a scattering of mandarin orange slices, followed by another drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of sea salt, for a fun take on a vegetarian pizza.

Another interesting combination is goat cheese and strawberries. After your pizza dough is done cooking, spread a light layer of goat cheese, then top with thinly sliced strawberries and basil leaves. Don’t forget to dribble with a balsamic glaze to really bring the flavors together.

Sushi Pizza

If you like pizza, and you like sushi, look no further than “sushi pizza” to expand your horizons. This is a trend that started in Canada and has slowly made its way to the United States. It’s just what it sounds like: sushi rice subbing in for pizza dough crust, topped off with your usual sushi ingredients. This requires a little more extensive preparation, but is definitely worth it. You will need:

  • Salmon, sashimi-grade
  • Raw tuna, sashimi-grade
  • Sushi rice
  • 1 avocado, sliced
  • Shirasu whitebait, steamed
  • Salmon caviar
  • Perilla leaves
  • Wasabi mayonnaise (You can also make your own with 40 grams mayonnaise, 10 grams wasabi, and 1 tablespoon soy sauce.)

Start by cooking the sushi rice and then frying it with your preferred oil in a frying pan on medium until it turns a light brown and holds a round, pizza-like shape. Slide it off onto a plate and let it cool for a while. Once it is no longer piping hot, thinly spread the wasabi mayonnaise over the entire sushi rice base. Next, layer the perilla leaves across the sushi rice. Then start to add your fish. Try beginning with the tuna, followed by your thinly sliced avocados, and then a layer of the salmon. Afterward, plop your steamed whitebait in the center and add a dollop of salmon caviar to the top. Voilà! You have sushi pizza.

Dessert Pizza

Finally, what about pizza for a different meal? That’s right, we’re thinking of dessert pizza. While a regular pizza may feel like a treat for some, why not go all out and make it a full on sweet- tooth’s dream? Cook your usual pizza dough so that it has a thin crust, and then smother it hot out of the oven with Nutella. Afterward, layer on some thinly sliced bananas. Then, to bring it to the next level, try sprinkling some chocolate chips, sprinkles, M&Ms ©, Reese’s Pieces ©, or another candy of your choice. Now that’s a different pizza!

With these new ideas, you are all set to make you usual pizza night anything but ordinary. Feel free to make substitutions that suit you and your guests (gluten-free dough, vegan cheese, etc.) and get ready to bring a whole new meaning to pizza night!


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