How to Deal With a Total Loss Car Accident

The kind of accident normally defined as a total loss type of accident can vary in severity. One might be a huge calamity resulting in tragedy, while another may just be a mild collision with a cow. Either way, it is generally agreed that the process behind sorting total loss accidents out can get ridiculously convoluted. Still, it is a good idea to know what you will be in for in the event of one of these calamities.

Total Loss Car Accident — by Glen Hunter
Total Loss Car Accident — by Glen Hunter

Report to an Insurance Company Straight Away

If you have a total loss claim to make to an insurance company, you won’t be doing yourself any favours by procrastinating the insurance claim process. While the actual level of quickness by which the claim is processed is mostly dictated by the insurance company, you also do. The earlier you get your affairs into gear and start the process, the better.

Tow the Car to Your Insurance Company’s Favourite Shop

In the event that you are quite sure that the car is going to be a total loss, you will be well advised to have it towed to a body shop. One that your insurance company prefers. Your average insurance company will have a shop or three that they have appointed to work with them on insurance claims. In the case that the shop isn’t to your liking, don’t sweat it. If your car is totalled, they won’t be making any repairs. All you are doing by having the vehicle hauled off to one of these shops is speeding up the insurance claim process. A plus is that a shop that is preferred by your insurance company will probably not charge you for storage.

Get Hold of Your Title

Nine out of ten experts agree that your title is something that you will be needing if you are going to be making any kind of insurance claim. Hopefully when you first got the car you had the presence of mind to put the title somewhere where you could find it in the future. When a car is a total loss, the title needs to be signed over to the company that is handling the insurance claim, otherwise known as an insurance company.

Find out How Much Your Car is Worth

Finding out whether your insurance company is paying you fairly isn’t something you absolutely have to do. But it will come in handy to have this knowledge. The places to go in order to do a good search all exist on this giant network of computers known as the internet. Look up Red Book, or some other such car valuation website like QuickCarCash. Also, you may want to look at listings in your area that are very similar. You will also find that the internet is handy to do this as well.

Mail the Important Paperwork

Get all the paperwork mailed as soon as is humanly possible. If you don’t do this you will just be delaying the process.