Pregnant and proud fashion advice

As soon as most women fall pregnant they fall into this uncomfortable low confidence mommy hole!! They think i cant look good and feel good at the same time.

HELLO..its 2017 !! Take a look around, open your eyes. From fashion magazines, reality tv and social media there is plenty of advice out there. People such as kim kardashian, cara delahoyde and fern mcann are all celebrities who have made mommys to be someone to look upto and want to be for pregnant ladies and even ones who arent. They glow a certain confidence because they look and feel great in the choices there making.They are flaunting there new curves and wearing the best to suit there shapes.

I know what your thinking.. oh but i dont have the same income level to spend on gorgeous fashionable clothes..

Heres where i help you find amazing trends and styles to suit all different body shapes during this wonderful stage of your life!

Keep following my blogs to find out the best pregnancy fashion advice :-) we are worth it!!

Clarabell xxx