Top Web Development Trends That Will Dominate 2019

2019 has been a year motion graphics, artificial intelligence, crisp navigation and custom software development services. But that doesn’t end here, 2019 is the year of progressive and interactive web apps that are built to boost business conversion significantly.

by Amit Agrawal
by Amit Agrawal

Unlike, the good-looking websites in the past, this year web applications need to be crisp and purpose-based. Here are some important web development trends that you need to know for productive websites in 2019:

Intelligent Chatbot’s

As a trend, websites employ Chatbots that provide a way for the people to converse or interact in the same way as if they are talking to a customer care executive. They are commonly referred to as intelligent Chatbotsas they are supported by artificial intelligence and find the best possible way to clear all the questions and doubts of the customers.

Chatbots are known for theirsmart answering abilities that are backed up by examples and instinctive sources, thus helpinga visitorin solving his query. As a progressive practice by the best website development companies, Chatbots are employed to help and guide the customers through the services or products offerings offered by a company.

In the coming years, the use of Chatbots is going to rise drastically owing to their high conversion potential and great assistance providing capabilities.

Black and white palettes

If your goal is to grab the attention of your visitors and draw their focus to your website, then you must choose your color palette wisely. Best web development company suggest that ‘color palette’is one of the most important factors that decide the engaging potential of your website. Bold and strong colors play an important role to make your brand look well built and vigorous. According to the trends of 2019, a website should be professional, simple as well as attractive.

So black and white is the one you need. You might be wondering what’s so special about black and white. White can represent a successful beginning whereas, black suggests a strong and assertive appearance. On the one hand, white gives a clean and simple vibe and is associated with light, goodness, innocence, purity, and virginity… As opposed to black, white usually has a positive connotation. The combination of these brings out a conspicuous look. It makes the shapes and textures of a website look more prominent.

The increase of visual elements and videos

When you design a website it’s not only typography or background, there are visual elements and other design elements in the picture. Best website development companies are likely to have visual elements and videos on their website to make it look more attractive to visitors. Having a video of your product on your website will enable customers to learn more about the product and create a lasting impression.

Webs are preferred to be more visual and creative than the plaintexts. Visual element makes visitors think about the storyline of your brand without having to read any texts as well as make it attractive and powerful. Visual elements focus on using unique and relevant images, paired with specific design elements to pull consumers and increase conversions.

Hero Image

To built immediate credibility and trust for your brand, your website should have a hero image, usually, a high-quality photo or video can be a good way to add a personal touch. Keeping the hero image at top of your website with high-quality imagery can help create a positive first impression.

The fact that using big images has become a common practice by best web design services companies that might come as a surprise to many readers! Including hero images on your website is actually a great idea to get the attention of your visitors.

Conclusion: With the constant advancement in the field of web development and the way users or visitors perceive information, best website development company need to struggle harder to convince viewers and convert them into leads. However, staying in trend is the only chance you can take with the high competition in the web world. So, above are the top web development trends that can help you lead among your online competitors in 2019.