Top 5 fruits that reduces visceral fat

Fruits are juicy refreshing and delicious. There are tons of fruits to choose from in the produce aisle-all brimming with good-for-you vitamins and antioxidants. But when it comes to targeting dangerous belly (visceral) fat specifically there are in fact a handful of fruits that reign supreme. Here are the top five :


1. Ruby Red Grapefruit

A study published in the journal metabolism found that eating half a grapefruit before meals may help reduce visceral fat and lower cholesterol levels. Consider having half grapefruit before your morning oatmeal and slicing a few segments to a starter salad.

2. Tart cherries

Tart cherries have been shown to benefit heart health as well as reduce body fat. In a study on an obese rat, a twelve weeks study by the university of Michigan, found that rats fed antioxidant rich tart cherries showed a nine percent belly fat reduction over rats fed western diet. Also consumption of tart cherries has a profound ability to alter the expression of fat genes.

3. Berries


Berries - raspberries strawberries blueberries - are packed with polyphenols, powerful natural chemicals that can help you loose weight and even stop fat from forming.

4. Watermelon

This juicy fruit provides only 30 calories per hundred gram and keeps you hydrated. It is rich in amino acids arginine which helps in burning fat.

5. Orange

Orange provides 47 calories per hundred gram. It is considered to be a negative calories fruit which means that it contains less calories than what your body requires to burn it, simply put you burn more than you eat.


1. Fruits add bulk to our diet and do not provide many calories .

2. Eat five servings of fruits everyday and opt for different colors .

3. Increasing daily intake of fruits can prevent weight gain

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