Doomsday 23

So you know how today was supposedly the “end of the world”, well obviously not since we all made it another day. I read that on Facebook and thought how could this happen so soon!? Freaking out I decided to spring into action. After reading this horrid and depressing news on social media I knew I had to prepare mentally for this in a matter of days. I‘m babbling to my long term boyfriend about how the world will end Saturday. “ Babe it’s happening, this “so called” psychic must be real since her past predictions came true. The world is coming to an end and the due date is around the corner.” I’m hysterically going on about. Of course he’s like “ that’s not going to happen that’s too soon.” Funny thing is is he was right the world didn’t end and we are all safe. I thought. But it turns out that doomsday is going to come in the near future with all of the bad that’s been happening in a consistent pattern of events. Examples? Hurricanes, earthquakes, extreme fires, the ocean being sucked dry, and more. I knew it was too good to be true. We may be safe from Doomsday 23 but there will be a doomsday deciding the worlds death. The due date is still a mystery.