The life

So basicaly I’m new at blogging but I’d live to do it so here I am guys and I hope you like it …

usualy I’ll be writing about my life and what’s went in during the day and how things have been going .

woke up this morning to find No cearel in the house ! I was starving but didn’t realise my mam was cooking sausage sandwiches so kicked of … the resulted in me having to butter all the bread but I refused haha so walked alway Leaving my cousin to do it … i live with my Mam,stepdad and my twin brothers who are 7 however we’ve been staying with my uncle lately because he’s been having some difficukites so between mine and his house and all the adults want a house together as well as with my uncles 3 kids ! I think it’s a good idea and would love to live together as it means a bigger house for us and moving coz I don’t like we’re we live … today’s been busy and I’m so tired but don’t go to bed early

I think I’m just gonna let this go and see what people think and if anyone thinks it’s any good I’d love to carry on and I’d write loads for everyone thanks guys 😊👋🏼