Why GOOD WiFi is needed in schools

by Chad David
by Chad David

Registering for Classes

WiFi has become this remarkable instrument that professors and students have the privilege of using. The word good in the title was not written in all uppercase by coincidence, and no the “caps lock” button was not on. Schools provide WiFi so that it may assist during our educational journey. We certainly have the access, but even I knew my freshman year that when I needed to register for next semesters classes, my roommate and I were definitely going to a Starbucks. This may seem like a stretch just to sign up for classes, but trust me, when you’re yearning for that class that only has two seats left you’re willing to do what it takes. Getting the classes, you not only want but need for your major is crucial to your education because even one credit makes all the difference.


Accessing articles on the internet for research papers is extremely important, especially when your professor has a ten-source minimum. Don’t get me wrong there is something nostalgic about looking through the isles of a library to find just the right book. However, most college students are working with a time frame that doesn’t allow them with all the time in the world. Now it’s as easy as going to a search engine where you can refine a search for exactly what you need. Some people might even have “ctrl F” stitched on a pillow somewhere.

As an orientation leader at my school, I show incoming freshman a whole run down on how to connect to the WiFi. From there I proceed to show them where they can find their classes, which building and room those classes are in, who their advisor is, where to find unofficial transcripts, and how to change their password when it’s time to change them. Without WiFi I wouldn’t be able to show them all of this. The computer that I show them on is in a classroom that is connected to the internet. From there I can project it onto a screen, which is a whole other awesome feature to be discussed at another time.


Throughout everyone’s educational experience I think being able to communicate with others is an important part of learning. I have now had many classes where I have had to reply to a discussion forum to peers that I know and some that I do not. Getting feedback or having a discussion face to face is nice because you get to value that someone is taking time out of their day, and the respect to make eye contact with you. However, I find discussion in a class more interesting online. Some people get to say what they might not have had the courage to say in person. Or maybe not having someone around you when you receive negative feedback helps you bounce back from it quicker. The best part of it all is that since it is online and WiFi let’s you pull it up anywhere, you can go back and reread theses comments or discussions and really analyze them. It’s crazy to think that our brains make things up sometimes, but you could have forgotten something that someone said and just imagined that what they said was around this or around that. No one likes words put in their mouth, so the fact that we can go back online and read what the person actually said makes us not have to think if they said this or that.

I am from Southern California, and I decided to go to a school in North Carolina to play softball and further my education. I however did not decide to change my phone carrier. When I moved to Mount Olive, I discovered a whole new appreciation for WiFi. Since I do not get any service in my town I work and depend strictly off of WiFi. It took me a whole Christmas break to free up storage on my mom’s android so I could download an app, just so I can text and call her. I am fortunate that I don’t get homesick easily because of the amazing support I get from my team and peers. But I know so many international students at my school whose phones don’t even use English, that struggle with the same problem as me. Fortunately for them they can use WiFi to call, facetime or text their families that they miss without any problem. This is important because we want students to be able to focus on their studies without feeling homesick or distracted. Therefore, I now continue to appreciate WiFi at our school, even on its slow days, because all in all it came through for me when I least expected it.

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