See How These 2 infuriating Cliffhangers that has left us for speculation

by Carol J. Cruise
by Carol J. Cruise

We go through a lot of things that makes us frustrate even in our daily lives but we all are aware of the fact that there are only a few things in life which are more frustrating than Hollywood movie cliffhangers. It can be one of the most important weapons in writer’s arsenal. It feels like an attempt of a lazy writer to not thinking much about the ending but if done right, it can leave audience infuriating with a feeling of wanting to know more.

We are going to discuss some of the most famous Hollywood movies’ cliffhangers:


Even, in reality, the top doesn’t stop spinning at the ending of the movie. Nolan has said that he has an answer to the ambiguous ending, so we are going to find that out by ourselves. Yes, the top continues to spin, and as the script shows that it is supposed to spin indefinitely. The thing to keep in mind that makes it a reality is that top is not Cobb’s totem but of Mal’s. Some argue that Cobb’s ring is his totem as he always wears it whenever he would go into dreaming state. But if we watch the movie closely, we can establish an argument that Mal was Cobb’s totem and the ring was just the symbolization of Mal’s. In the movie, he says that if he doesn’t keep Mal alive in the hotel of horrific regret then he would lose his ability to dream altogether. This shows that Mal is her totem, and he needs to keep her alive to check whether he is dreaming or not.


If you’ve watched the Oscar-winning movie Birdman, then you’re also probably as dumbfounded by the ending. So many questions were raised because of the open ending. Is he alive? What is she looking at? What are these reactions to her? Birdman’ director Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu is famous for ending movies on a cliffhanger. In the ending scene, when her daughter comes in the hospital room, she heads up to the window and looked something incredible but that where the movie ends and we were never told what she was watching. Well, we have observed that this movie is full of metaphors for what occurs in reality but also what occurs in the story. Arguably, when Sam looks out the window, she sees her father. Not because he’s there but she sees what his father was continuously trying to pursue and the level of accomplishment his father wants to reach. Probably, Sam was finally able to see the vision of her father in the end. Well, there are several other theories made by fandom. But this can, arguably, be the most plausible one

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