E-mail List Perks!!

Hello everyone. Ive been doing a ton of research about blogging and realized I need a email list!
So I know everyone probably wants to know why they should join this email list. Well, below is a list of perks for my email list only!
Monthly and Yearly:
°Being able to speak to me and ask any questions you want
°Free printables/templates/checklists
°Projects for little ones
°Giving input and ideas for a blog topic
°Emailed whenever a new blog is posted
Yearly only:
°Knowledge on how I make money from playing on my phone(working apps that pay you to play)
°Automatic entry into any and all giveaways
°Link to your blog shared
°Access to private Facebook group
°Free copy of any ebooks madeNow, while it does cost money to be added to the list, you do get things for joining! Now the payments are all to be done through paypal and the price is $5 monthly or $50 yearly. If you wish to join this email list, I will send you an invoice for whichever one you wish to join. Soon as your payment has been processed, you will be in the list. If interested please let me know so we can set up your invoices!