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The skydiving community is authentic, supportive, welcoming. It’s passion, focus, it’s camaraderie, but sometimes unfortunately things go wrong, that’s the nature of what we chose to do and that is at the base of the decision to create a fund to help in those moments, the ones we all wish didn’t happen, but the ones we all know sometimes do.

Care- All Foundation, a legally constituted foundation abiding by all spanish law, has as mission to help create possibilities for better lives. We support many causes, that we call “actions”, from an orphanage in Kenya to schooling for kids in Nepal, from supporting a young Zambian environmentalist with the ambition to change the world to a young Kenyan with the ambition to create his own retail empire.

One of these actions is the Sky Family Fund. This fund operates in two ways: as an emergency fund to help out in moments of crisis as well as offering more long term continued fund-raising support.

Care-All Foundation was launched in the beginning of February, during the Wind Games at Windoor, in Empuriabrava. In the short period of operation, we have been able to make a difference for the above mentioned people as well as offer support for a fellow skydiver, victim of a bad accident that left him quadriplegic.

To raise funds for the Sky Family Fund, we are organising a prize giving, the draw will take place at the end of November. Many important names in our industry have generously donated prizes:

Hurricane Factory Windobona Spain City Skydive (Utreht)

Aerogravity Milano Windoor Vertigen

Sonic Deem Irma Romanazzi

Fede Rawa Paulo Perini Satori Factory

Inka Tiito Peter Mazzetta Dan BC

Skydive Hibaldstow Skydive Fano Skydive Perris

Pete Allum Curt and Jeannie Batholomeu Tonfly

Turbolenza Hayabusa Jokke Sommer'

Domi Kiger Unique Jewellery

Tickets can be purchased via our website starting now and until the date of the draw which will take place in the course of a flying event; stay tuned for details, but it will be great!

All funds raised will go to the Sky Family Fund.

We have the privilege of being part of a community unlike any and to do a sport unlike any, together we can make a difference in moments of need. The more prizes we have and the more donations we receive, the more we can help.

We look forward to your involvement, help us help.

To help Michael Heim

Full list of prizes for the Sky Family Fundraiser: