The American Dream

The first time i ever heard i was going to America was actually months before it was set to take place. Maybe even a year away. I had never been to America before and the excitement was overwhelming. Most of my life i had spent time on the internet looking at America and how amazing it seemed, now i was actually going to visit here it was totally different. As the months got closer it only seemed to drag on more and more. When the day finally arrived i couldn't keep my happiness in and neither could the rest of my family, it had been a day we had waited for that seemed to never come.

The aeroplane journey seemed to take forever and a lifetime. The thing with me is i can't sleep on planes, or any transport whatsoever so this journey dragged for the whole 9 hours we had to travel for. International Drive Florida was our destination and the plans were to visit every mayjor theme park nearby in the 2 weekes we had. When we finally landed, i had never experienced such a heat in my life. The humidity made it hard to breathe and being a very white person, i could already feel my skin turning into a tomato. We met our taxi driverdriver, which actually turned out to be a very nice man and a good friend as he looked after us for our 2 weeks and took us where ever we wanted.

The food was like nothing i had ever experienced in my life before. Large portions for every meal and almost anything you could ever desire. I swear i came home 2 stone heavier than when i left. The hotel was very nice, and we ended up getting a free upgrade and our balcony seemed like the size of a football pitch.

The first week, we spent it visiting Universal, sea world, and all the water parks that Florida and Tampa had to offer for us. The shows and rides were like nothing i had ever seen before and it was TOTALLY worth the money paid for them.

Week 2 consisted of; more rollercoasters, helicopter rides which was definitely one of the highlights of my holiday and alot of eating. It had honestly been one of the most successful trips of my life and i was so happy to have done it. Although after 2 weeks of pure heat, a sort of hurricane and constant activity, i was ready for home. I wouldn't change this trip for the world and hopefully my next one will be as good or ever top it!

Thank you for reading,