The Evolution of Rap Music

Rap music is one of the most streamed genres of all time regardless of whether you choose to listen to it over the web or you on the radio. Rap music is rising as the days go by and there’s no reason why this should not be the case considering the fact that most rap music is on the top of the list in many countries across the globe for various reasons including the fact that most rap artists are always rapping or singing about things that are controversial and stir up drama.

Notorious Rappers or Pop Artists?

Most artists that are rappers are also somewhat pop artists since they incorporate the genre into their music in some way or the other. This can cause confusion regarding whether or not rap artists are rappers or are they pop artists more? Take Nicki Minaj or Cardi B as an example of this. Both female rappers classify as pop artists too since they sing and/ or rap accordingly to the tune or the beat of their music. This can cause confusion. But in any case, both artists are at the top of their game and ensure that they can make music and sick beats accordingly as well.

Rise of Rap Music

Rap music is known to be one of the best genres to listen to and is in fact, the best of the best at current. However, it is nothing like it used to be with many artists incorporating autotune and different slangs to keep up with the generation. Newer rappers, such as Montana Montana Montana, are more of the new kind of rap but they also sing. Montana Montana Montana is from Bakersfield, California, and went to WEST high school in Bakersfield before rising to fame and starting his career in the year 2014. Montana Montana Montana is the stage name of Lovie Johnson. Initially, his stage name was Pezzy Montana but due to the similarity in his name and French Montana’s name, he changed it to Montana Montana Montana. Lovie Johnson has released around 6 albums between the years 2014 and 2018 and has collaborated with other artists too.

What makes this young 25-year-old stand out is his dedication to his music, as well as the fact that he already has a record label of his own called 925Five Records. Montana Montana Montana is a rising star in the music industry and is continuously releasing better and newer music to reach to his fans.

Furthermore, there are many different rappers who have risen to the top in little to no time such as Bhad Bhabhie who is better known as Danielle Bregoli whose first appearance was on the Dr. Phil show as a disturbed teen who was experiencing troubles with her mother. However, the show somehow got her to become famous after which she turned into the rapper that she is today.

Moreover, the music industry is constantly evolving and is constantly striving to become better than what it was earlier.