P Tee Money—An Artist, A Model, A Musician, And What Not!

Talent and creativity are not bound to anyone. People find all the different ways to unveil the creative geniuses that hide within them. For some, the process is long and tedious, while others get to welcome their brighter side in due time. Such is the case of Prince Thompson Iyamu, aka P Tee Money!

Prince Thompson was born in a privileged background in London. He was the second in his siblings. His parents Tom Iyamu and Princess Evelyn Iyamu were creative geniuses of their own sort and it was only inevitable that sooner or later, Prince Thompson will also take after them. However, it was yet a mystery in which areas his creativity would come to unleash itself.

Iyamu’s parents themselves were really fond of music, and so they introduced their little angle to music from quite an early age. Some of Thompson’s early influences included Earth, Wind & Fire, and George Duke.

The Rise of Music

Due to certain circumstance, Thompson had to move to Nigeria with his family. There he attended the Eric Moore government college. After three years here, Thompson went to a military academy and later became an Aeronautical Engineer. Although it had been a while in Nigeria, Thompson always wanted to shift back to the UK. He had the feeling that going back to London will let the man unveil his true potential to the world. So, after completing his education, he landed back in London in 1988, and this was the beginning of the rise of P Tee Money!

Making the Due Name

It was an undoubted fact that just like his parents, Iyamu was also into music big time. In fact, he had been a part of the music industry from quite an early age, but once he stepped back onto the English land, he wanted to pursue music professionally. He started using the name P Tee Money and gave rise to his career as a DJ, something he was surprisingly good at.

Soon P Tee Money became the life of nightclubs and parties all across London. P Tee Money was on the rise in the early nineties. This span continued for years before he was a recognized name. However, in the latter years of 1990, he decided to try his luck in acting and modeling. Although it did take some hype, his career didn't take off as it did with music. P Tee Money still managed to pull a few major roles in movies like Tomb Raider, The Mummy, and the Scorpion King.

P Tee Money

P Tee Money’s acting career was unmatched to his success in music, so he decided to get back into DJing, although this time P Tee Money wanted to record progressive albums as well.

Through the years, P Tee Money released several different albums including “I’m Not Afraid”, “Sandstorm”, and “Rebirth” etc. P Tee Money also released a few singles like “Attention”, “The Swagg” and “No Sweat”, all of which went on to get quite some hype in the industry. He also wrote several books including “The Players Code” and its sequel, “The Players Code Unleashed”. P Tee Money aka Prince Thompson continues to thrive in his musical career unraveling his creative genius even more with each passing day.