Joelle Dinnage—The Dutch Curator

Joelle Dinnage—The Dutch Curator — by Brooke Whistance
Joelle Dinnage—The Dutch Curator — by Brooke Whistance

When it comes to a truly inspirational woman, Joelle Dinnage is one of the names that strike your mind. Born in 1984 in the Netherlands, Joelle went on to become an idol for the businesswomen across the globe. She is a widely known award-winning entrepreneur as well as a Tokyo International Art Flair curator.

Joelle acquired his early education from a small town in Holland, after which is went on to seek a degree from Saint Lucas Art Academy, which she completed with a young business ‘Entrepreneur Award’.

Career in limelight

With a woman of such great talent, the pinnacle of success that Joelle reached was more of an impending fate than just mere luck. It simply had to happen. From the age of 13, she was selling art and did quite well with her little business. As she grew, she found potential in this business but had to put it off for a while in order to pursue her career path. However, dealing elite art was not off the table yet.

After several jobs, and numerous awards and titles later, she, in 2010, was back to trading art. Joelle launched her own gallery called “The Funky Art Gallery”. The graffiti art showcased here got such a hype that soon after, her online page was ranked number #1 on Google in the US and UK for the term, “Cool Art”.

Previously, Joelle had curated art for other companies including Playboy London and Florence Biennial. Owing to her elite experience in the field, she decided to launch yet another art gallery in 2015 by the name, “InVogue Art Gallery”. Joelle also works with WorldGuide as an expert in Art and Collectibles.

Joelle established, “Global Art Agency” which served as an art event organizer. However, today, the company has expanded to great heights and has offices in Dubai and London. GAA—Global Art Agency—is being recognized as one of the fastest growing platforms for international art.

Awards and Experiences

Joelle Dinnage has been receiving numerous awards for her elite services to the world of art. Some of her recent honors include ‘Female Entrepreneur 2015’ by Stevie Awards, ‘Top Female Entrepreneur’ by Small Business Heroes, and ‘Entrepreneur Award’ by MINI Enterprise, among many others. The Dutch businesswoman has also been nominated for ‘Entrepreneur of the year 2017’ at Venus Awards, ‘Oxfordshire Young Business Person 2015’ and ‘Sferiq Award Innovation in Art’ by Investor Allstars etc.

The Dutch Curator, as she’s often called, is a globally renowned entrepreneur today. She has organized art fairs all across the globe including “Tokyo International Art Fair”, which was organized with GAA.

Joelle is currently working on her book “The Art of Selling Art” which is expected to be released in 2019. Following this, she also plans on releasing her autobiography, “Truth can be Told”. To learn more about Joelle Dinnage, visit her website, She is also available through her Instagram at