James Michael Lafferty—Conquering Professions with Persistence

Being the master of all you ever wanted is a skill that is rare to have. James Michael Lafferty is the guy who possessed just the right attributes that allowed him to rise to the pinnacle of success at a very young age. Not only did he become the CEO of some of the most renowned multinational companies around the world, but he also went on to coach teams and individuals for the Olympics. To be fair, if there was a target in site, James has the ability to hit the bullseye!

Born in 1963, the man graduated from the University of Cincinnati. Although armed solely with a bachelors in Psychology, his sheer marketing skills did not stop him from achieving the inevitable.

Determined To the Core

It is a person’s determination to achieve something that decides whether he or she will be able to go the whole way. James had it in abundance. His perseverance and will to never back down is evident through his trophy shelf. James has led multinational companies like Coca-Cola, British American Tobacco, and Procter & Gamble in places including Philippines, Poland, Nigeria, Australia, and the different markets in the MENA region.

If the fact that a psychology major led such major marketing firm seems perplexing, then it’d nearly be a shock to find out that James Michael Lafferty was also a professional field coach. In fact, he even founded his own marathon titled, “The Bull Runner Dream Marathon” which takes place every year.

The Award-Winning Author

James is the master of all trades. His persistence allowed him to achieve more than most people can ever do in their entire lives. He is also acknowledged for being a well-known author and columnist. James is the author of an award-winning column in The Philippine Star—a leading paper in Philippines. James Lafferty is an idol for thousands of people around the globe. He helps them believe that if you put your mind to something, achieving that goal only becomes an impending matter of time.

A Renowned Speaker

When you are able to achieve all that James did, it is evident that people would want to know how. They would want to know the steps you took, and the mindset you moved forward with. This is something that happened with James as well. Owing to his exquisite CV, he has been a commonly invited guest speaker at various events across the globe. James has already shared his wisdom among 75 of the Fortune 500 companies, and the number is growing by each passing year.

It is very important to remain humble with all the fame and fortune coming your way. James Lafferty, yet again, sets a great example. He continues to do philanthropy in different areas. One of the most popular of his efforts in this regard includes the one he did for talented but underprivileged athletes. Through his program, “Adopt an Olympian”, he allowed people to adopt the expenses required to train and keep the athlete fit and make him or her able to compete professionally.

It is fair to state that James Michael Lafferty has become an icon of success and an inspiration for many around the world.