Your Health

What do you think about your health right now?

The average person eats about 5.6 pounds of food a day. As you can imagine, now that you think about it, it's a lot of food!!. How much are you eating? As us humans, we generally do not realise the amount of consumption we take in during the day unless you are dedicated in health and fitness yourself. Exercise and the right amount of food and type of food you have each day is key to health. Depending on your size and age, these are also factors on the required amount of food consumption and exercise. Learning this knowledge and taking this into account will help you with creating a healthy body. A person may have a flat stomach or abs, but this does not define their health. Knowing your required fat to muscle ratio is key on exactly knowing if your body is healthy. Blood tests can also help to find any deficiencies within your body, so it could be a good idea to check it out! Your health can effect many things throughout your life including weight or even pregnancy. But who doesn't want to have a healthy body right!!? If you want to learn how to achieve your maximum health potential don't forget to keep reading my blogs! I do various fun and interesting blogs that can suit someone required needs! Have any question? Or need to contact me? Email me: