Top 4 SEO Trends that will Dominate the Market Scene in 2019

by David Manchovick
by David Manchovick

Digital marketers will have to keep pace with latest SEO trends and take each step according to the latest changes to Google’s algorithm. This is not possible without knowing what the latest trends in SEO are. As the year 2018 has already passed, let us look into this matter now predict what lies ahead in the future of search engine optimization and in the years ahead, specifically in the year 2019.

1. Voice Search will be the Norm

With voice assistant already built in to our devices and virtual assistants at our fingertips, it is clear why people will use their voices instead of their mobile screens to perform a search. 60% of the people using the Internet has started using voice search last year and it is such a big number. The trend is not going anywhere and rather it will continue to be the new way to search rather than a unique way or a niche that few people use in the last few years.

2. Accelerated Mobile Pages and Mobile First Index

Google has made it intentions very clear when it started to demote non-responsive websites down its search rankings. The crackdown forced digital marketers to rethink their strategy and shift to mobile first approach. Google did not stopped there, it went on to create a separate mobile index for mobile sites. You can get the best results in this concern by contacting expert of Toronto seo services in this concern.

Year 2019 will offer more or less the same as we will see the implementation all these initiatives and many new announcements that will bring mobile into the limelight. Simply put, having a mobile friendly website and a mobile first strategy is not an option anymore; it is prerequisite for your business survival. As a SEO professional, you can’t afford to ignore mobile anymore as in 2018 itself more people were connected to the Internet through handheld devices rather than desktop computers.

3. Excellent User Experience will be Crucial

Let us be very honest, user experience was never a priority for SEO in the past but times have changed. Today, it is one of the most important ranking factors. Google has made it clear that the focus is on users. Page load time is a critical factor in this regard and an important one so that you need to keep an eye on it. Even a couple of seconds of delay in page load can be disastrous for any website regardless of the nature of the business.

4. Problem Solvers Will Win

When do we conduct a search on search engine? When we have a problem and we are looking for solution, right. All big companies know this quite well. Whether it is Amazon, Google or Facebook, they all are good at solving problems for their target audience. Come 2019, the emphasis would be more on solving user’s problems quickly. Don’t take this aspect lightly as there are

The Quick Answer Box that appears when you type a problem or question in the search bar is testament to this fact. Businesses who manage to provide satisfactory solutions to customer’s problem will rank higher on search results. If you are not doing it yet then, the don’t hold back and start right away.

Final Word

Whether it is voice search, visual search or user experience, customers will decide the fate of which SEO trends in will dominate in the future. With search engines striving to deliver the most accurate and relevant results, SEO companies and professionals need to act fast according to changing times or else they will lag behind in the competition.

I am sure that all my readers will appreciate my efforts in writing this detailed piece. There will be some questions in your mind, I guess, that you want to know more about. So you need to be pretty sure about all of them, that’s why you are free to ask questions that you think are troubling you here. Even if you want to offer your feedback, you are more than welcome to share it with me and other readers of this blog in the comments section below.