Hey guys, it’s me again. So today I’m going to be talking about makeup. I love makeup and I wear it lots but it has its ups and downs. I’m going to be talking about them. Let’s get on with it.

So people who wear makeup have a lot of different reasons why they wear it. Most people think that people wear it cuz they are trying to impress someone.I think that is ridiculous, but yeah maybe some people may be wearing makeup for that reason.I think people wear it cuz they like the way they look with makeup but it doesn’t mean that they don’t like the way they look without it. Some people even wear it cuz they enjoy doing it and cuz it is an art. So plz don’t judge people on why they wear makeup.Doing makeup is really fun but it takes a lot of concentration. I always mess up on my top liner. I also never know which eye-shadow colours I should use. People do their makeup so beautifully and come up with new trends every once in a while and I love it.

So that’s the end of the blog. Thanks for reading, hope u enjoyed. Plz share this with ur friends and families and invite more people to read my blogs. Comment what is the hardest part of doing makeup for u. See u guys next time. Bye.