Work and Parenting

My latest topic is work And parenting!.

The topic this evening is how long is too long for work when your parent we all know that it is all about the dollar signs and making money to support your growing family but do we think it is fair from expecting mothers to work whist pregnant? And parental leave being shorten without pay. In a recent video I had seen on social media about parental leave being that some mothers have to return to the workforce just two weeks having a child. Truth by told is it fair for the employer to expect that giving the mother has just given birth. Giving time that the mother and father should be home bonding with the newborn. Are we so focused on the importance of work to understand the meaning of parenting. What about these parents that are so focused on work they hire nannies and they are so fixed on work that in a blink of an eye our children are off to high school or college. My topic isn't to dismiss any working parent more power to you.