Sleep - who needs it?

Sleep I need it! Don't know about you but if I don't get sleep I'm not a happy mummy! Again routine! I suggest from between 8-12 weeks you get your baby into a sleep routine before this don't bother sleep doesn't matter hours and hours of bonding mAfter!

Heres my advice aroynd 8 weeks old I started using the cot for day time naps to familiarise my babies with the space the new scenery and the feeling of not being so close to me - 9 weeks and they progressed to night time sleeps in the cot in own room- I suggest if baby won't settle straight away and cries ALOT which is normal to go in every 15 mins or so give a small cuddle to let them know your there and then put them straight back down - no Talking! With both my babies this took aprox 3 nights and that was that - if you stick to routine - you will see the results! It's when you go back on it or give up as it's taking to long ect! Don't give up routine works