Be your own hero

" The only person who can save you is you , yourself " how many times we have heard this qoute and how many times we tried to be strong . Deep down we all are broken but broken is good .. broken crayons still color right ? Life is never easy ! But when you love yourself enough no one else matters .. I know things are hard very hard but you can do it … Live for yourself .. love yourself so much that no one can ever put you down .. loving yourself is easy here let me help you

Start by taking small steps … do what makes you happy . Feel good about your body . Think postive . Care about you body . Look into the mirror and encourage yourself as no one else in the world will be able to do such a good job like you are doing if they are in your shoes … Just breath and dont let anyone put you down .. you are the writer of your own story … hero of your own life no one can save you …. you have power to save yourself … control your thoughts and tell yourself that you love yourself and move on . People dont matter what mattere is you .. Be your own hero