Young male adults

I know what its like ot to be heard or listend to and even a troubled kid,my name is Austin white I come from a family that argued fought went to jail prison made and done drugs I personally never did I fought in school I went to juevenille detention centers group homes kept fighting but when I got out I changed my ways now I'm a correctional officer 19 years old I own two vehicles my own house work 3 jobs and now blogging young males are misunderstood so much actually to much parents and adults in general think the young men have a lot of testosterone and puberty or phases but really it's who they are and it's the parents fault because of talking down to them not helping them understand life in a job verbal altercation or with out saying I'm do e because they so.tsso.thsoso.thing you do t like most of the time there speaking the truth and they ran what's on there line a 100 times but everyone they speak there not heard there cut off or yeld at even sometimes worse and there home life can affect there school life because they think about what its gonna be like going home they want very day at school to be long they can't focus and the littlest thing can set them off then calls to home and parents back to yelling and dissing on there children that doesn't better them it tears them down some build off it and get stronger and can't take it suicides are high amd some it pushes them a way from wanting anyfhi g to do with there family I've been there I'm still there with my step dad all I ever wanted was to be looked at as a man talked to like a man respected as I did him but I was told I was worthless never amount to anything a liar for no reason but now he's jeoulous because I made me he did not break me I made me my credit 6 months agago was 250 now it's 700 I built credit no co signer no drugs no crimes just work and don't stress and find someone chill who puts you in your comfort zone or even a place of comfort but don't let it break you don't let it co tell you or stress you or make you have all kinds of mixed emotions just think to your self I'm gonna show my parents I can do it I do t need this I can do whatever I put my mind to job wise money wise car wise girlfriend wise boy friend wise or even same sex relationships it's your life take control but stay in control the right way not drugs or alcohol because they both control you that's all I ha e first blog complete probably awful but I hope it touches so.esso.eoso.eone in the right positive way this is to the you men we have in this world.

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