I still talk to the Moon About You.

About the days, about the nights, about the falls, about the highs, about the coffee, about the rides, about the winters, about the thunderstorm, about what still brings me smiles!I still talk to the moon about you. Each night. I recite him the love that wasn't mine. I recite, when life stuck cloud nine. I also told him about our song, some phrases little too long. The one that kept us together in lows, the one that strengthened when time slowed! I complained for it doesn't sounds the same anymore. Not the butterflies, now gives cramps!I confessed i miss you and asked him to keep it a secret but then today, he smiled and said-

" Baby girl, you know the kind of flowers that bloom in a certain season and just die? He was like them. He made your life beautiful but it had to go. You had to get apart. Honey, it's not the span of love but the depth that matters. You lived those days beautifully. Now, he's like a Star. He's there but out of your reach, as it glows and brightens up someone else's sky. Not yours. Not anymore.”

Was the last i talked to the moon about you..