10 Most Important Tips While Writing and Editing Your Essay

Your essay can only be fantastic if it has a structure, information and proper use of language. Achieving this is daunting for most students. It may seem easy to say, but combining those three requirements into one paper is hectic.

Be relieved. We are here to help you ace in these essays by all means possible. Your first step into your success paradise has the right tips.


1. Understand the instructions

It will be waste the days you shall put into working your essay, only to answer a question wrong. Read the assignment instructions carefully; note the use of the words ‘compare’, ‘contrast,’ ‘debate,’ ‘support,’ as advised by the University of Leicester.

2. Research on the topic

Take your time to come up with a suitable theme if your lecturer did not give you one. Research on it exhaustively, and have your story in your fingertips. You should spend 30% of your time here.

3. Outline your points

Put down all your points and come up with a structure. An excellent essay should have an introduction, body and a conclusion. Know what aspects fit where.

Put it down

4. Write

As opposed to what many students think, this is the easiest part of your essay. If you have ideas in order, your hands just won’t stop for anything. Match up the quality you demand from EduBirdie.

5. Take a break

You need this time to relieve the stress you have put your body through. Clear your mind and get ready to read through your paper using your third eye.

6. Proofread

Go through the piece twice. Look for repeated ideas/ words and change passive voice to active voice. Read it out loud. You can give a colleague to proofread as well.


7. Correct language errors

No grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and wrong punctuation should be in your essay. Use Grammarly to correct language errors in your composition. Project the correct picture of the scholar you are on paper.

8. Shorten everything

Long sentences? Shorten them by using more punctuation marks and fewer interjections. Consider shortening your paragraphs to 3-4 sentences as well. It makes your paper easy to read.

9. Work on your words

You will know if a word feels wrongly placed. Cut the fluff, use words that you understand their meaning and replace complicated words with simple ones. By so doing, you improve the readability of your assignment.

10. Format it

Put all the right fonts, size your letters nicely and make the headings conspicuous. Make it look good.

Submit your essay

Your essay is complete; it is now up to you to submit it in time. Ensure that you spend 40% of your time preparing data, 20% of it writing and the remaining 40% of the time editing it. If you do so, you will never hand in trash assignments again.