What Is Anxiety?

Despite the renowned fact that millions of people suffer from anxiety all across the world, it is still considered to be a taboo subject and several people deal with their anxiety without ever seeking help for it. It goes without saying that this is terribly self-destructive for the person who is suffering from such a condition because without adequate help and support from loved ones, it is simply impossible to overcome such disorders and as a result, one’s waking life might suffer greatly.

However, in order to help someone who may be suffering from anxiety, one must be able to comprehend the effects of the disorder on the human brain. Of course, someone who may not be suffering from the disorder is likely to not be able to understand what exactly sufferers of anxiety experience and suffer from on a daily basis.

Even then, a simple understanding might help you more than you can imagine. Read on to find out what the effects of anxiety are on the human brain:

The Triggers of Anxiety

If you have a loved one suffering from anxiety, you might have observed that they happen to feel and behave weirdly in the most unexpected situations. This is simply due to the fact that people suffering from anxiety are very likely to be triggered at the most unpredicted times and they can do little to absolutely nothing about it. However, a lot of people tend to confuse anxiety with stress but these are two absolutely different things.

Anxiety Is Unlike Any Disorder

A lot of people tend to assume that anxiety is just like depression, stress or anything along those lines. However, anxiety is a diagnosis of its own. Like many other disorders, anxiety is more likely to stem from childhood experiences. For instance, a person that has been exposed to a lot of harmful situations as a child where they felt like they were in danger and feared for their life. This, in turn, causes the brain to mimic the fear and make one feel anxious. This pattern carries on throughout adulthood unless one seeks proper treatment for their disorder.

Anxiety Can Be Cured

A lot of people tend to believe that their anxiety and anxious state of mind can never be helped, they tend to stay with their anxiety throughout their lives believing that there is nothing that can be done. However, anxiety is definitely curable and there are several medications available for this but medication is not necessarily the cure for it and in many cases, it is also known to have made matters much worse for the sufferer because of their decision to turn to medication as a cure.

Instead of opting for medication, several people opt for self-help techniques and remedies. One of the best way to help oneself overcome anxiety properly is by reading books that are written for the purpose. One such book is The Maz Factor by Marilyn Schirmer who has a series of problems that she faced in her own personal life that she overcame the hard way and the book is all about it.

Marilyn Schirmer was 30 years old when she first felt that she had had enough and decided to change her life for the better after she suffered from an unpredicted epileptic fit in a phone booth. She has written books from her own experience and works actively to help other men and women overcome the difficulties of their lives.

Furthermore, there is a lot more material that is available online and has helped thousands of people better their lives despite their distorted state of mind. If you suffer from anxiety and do not think you’re ready to visit a therapist, you should certainly read books that are written to help you.