The New Rankings of UK Universities in 2018

Do you plan to continue your studies in one of the best universities in the UK? Before you start applying, it is very important to know which one you like better and do you even fulfill the entry requirements set by them? This will help you a great deal in formulating a strong decision and choosing something which is best for yourself.

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According to the Complete University Guide, following are the top ranking universities in the UK:

1. University of Cambridge:

The university was founded as early as 1209 and has a global reputation for being an outstanding medium of education. World-class original research takes place in this institution and students have some outstanding academic achievements to boast. Unless you score straight As in your A-levels, there is no way that you can get an entry in this institution.

2. University of Oxford

In the entire English-speaking world, Oxford University was the very first learning university. Teaching has been taking place here for as early as 1096 and it has developed rapidly over the course of different centuries especially during the 12th one. Since its early days, the university has played a major role in garnering the intellectual life in the country and has promoted research at all levels. For over nine centuries, however, the university has also been caught in a number of debates and controversies related to science, arts, and religion.

3. University of St. Andrews

Undoubtedly, this academic institution is one of the leading research and teaching centers in the world for the last 600 years. Currently, the university offers a flexible degree structure which is based on the student’s choice of subject specialism and research. Essay Tigers also write about that they tend to provide such an environment which provides a culture of shared learning and nurtures an inquisitive mind.

4. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

In 1985, this school was founded for the advanced study of the social sciences. Now, LSE has a global reach and reputation with intensive research taking place in the field of social sciences. The subjects which have been pioneered by this particular university include criminology, anthropology, social psychology, international relations, and sociology.

5. Imperial College London

It has been rated consistently as one of the best universities in the world and holds a strong international reputation for excellent research and teaching staff. The purpose of this college is to ensure excellence in education and research so that the society can be benefitted. The best majors offered by the university include medicine, science, business, and engineering.

6. Durham University

Founded in 1832, Durham is a residential college which has modern values but forms its basis in some of the longest known traditions. After Oxford and Cambridge, it is the oldest educational institution in England and based only a couple of hours away from London.

7. University College London

It is the third-oldest college in England as it was founded in the year 1826. It offers some of the best majors and courses in the field of pharmacy and education. One can definitely find some great job prospects after leaving the university because of the exceptional education and training provided by the university.

8. The University of Warwick

This university consistently lies in the top universities of the UK and draws students from 150 different countries from around the globe. It is based in Coventry and has a cosmopolitan community. The university welcomes candidates from different qualifications including but not limited to A-levels, International Baccalaureate, the Cambridge Pre-U, Scottish Advanced Higher, Access to HE Diploma, and a number of overseas qualifications.

9. Lancaster University

This university is a leader when it comes to imparting high-quality education and welcoming students from different countries of the world. They are the epitome of providing inspirational teaching and research and have relatively higher student satisfaction rates. The major teaching approach adopted in this university is through independent study where the students are themselves responsible for their learning which helps in developing strong research and communication skills in them.

10. Loughborough University

This university has a fantastic 440-acre campus right in the heart of the UK. All the courses offer the option of a year of experience in the particular industry during the course of study. There are endless opportunities for student’s right here and they can also enjoy some rewarding experiences.

It is good to find out the entry requirements of these top-ranked universities and work on yourself accordingly so that you might qualify to get an admission in any of them.