Working from Home now... please !!

We all talk about reducing CO2 emissions by eating less meat, driven less and use more public transportation. We all know that.. so why aren't Governments forcing us to actually do that? Shouldn't it be part of their duties ?

Imagine the following scenario where every public company implement the following strategy:

  • Two days working from home: Nowadays almost everybody have a decent internet connection at home, so why do we need to travel every single day to the office and back?
  • Less meat: Wouldn't it be nice to have two days a week a NO MEAT menu for lunch?

Perhaps you would not like the idea… but, we all do not like the idea of paying taxes and we are forced to do it.. why? because it is necessary for the common good (schools, roads, health insurance etc). Sooo.., wouldn't it be good to force employees to work from home, and to sacrifice their meat appetite, for the future of Human Kind?

Cheers !!

PS: Future of the planet is guaranteed, it will exists even if we are not here.