Potential opponents for The Undertaker at Summerslam

Tonight’s edition of Monday Night Raw will officially kick off the road to Summerslam. Although there are many big things planned and/or rumored for the show such as Brock Lesnar finally defending the Universal Championship for the first time since the Greatest Royal Rumble back in April and that too against Bobby Lashley (a match which the WWE universe has been eagerly waiting to see ever since the news of Lashley signing with WWE broke out), the return of Demon Balor, the start of AJ Styles/Samoa Joe feud as well as the long awaited Daniel Bryan/Miz feud but one of the most talked about rumors is the return of the DEADMAN, The Undertaker. The Undertaker will most be likely be a part of Summerslam and the storyline he will be involved in is said to be something that he has pitched previously to the WWE. So, here are some potential opponents for The Deadman to face at the Biggest Blockbuster of summer.

1. Bludgeon Brothers:

Undertaker and Kane double-chokeslamming Rowan during their feud with The Wyatt family in 2015 — by Ali Siddiqui
Undertaker and Kane double-chokeslamming Rowan during their feud with The Wyatt family in 2015 — by Ali Siddiqui

Highly unlikely but there’s a chance that The Undertaker will team up with his brother Kane to face the unstoppable Bludgeon Brothers but there are a few hurdles. Kane appeared to be legitimately injured last night at Extreme Rules and The Undertaker won’t be sticking around after Summerslam so giving him and Kane the tag titles wouldn't make sense and WWE wouldn’t bring back The Undertaker to lose, unless it was a high profile match but nonetheless, there won’t be any complaints if this match actually ends up happening as it will be a fun match which will help in limiting Undertaker’s in ring involvement plus the fans will be able to witness The Brothers of Destruction one more time.

2. Rusev, AJ Styles and Samoa Joe:

Ever since The Undertaker agreed to come out of retirement and do more than one match per year, he has been popping up every now and then but his matches have been a little short lately and his in ring involvement has been limited. So, one other way to book The Undertaker in such a way that he doesn’t get hurt while also giving fans a match to enjoy is by booking The Undertaker in fatal 4 way match for the WWE championship involving himself, Styles, Rusev and Samoa Joe. The audience will get to witness The Undertaker and a fun-filled multi-man match for the WWE championship.

Undertaker making his entrance for his casket match against Rusev at TGRR — by Ali Siddiqui
Undertaker making his entrance for his casket match against Rusev at TGRR — by Ali Siddiqui

3. Roman Reigns:

One other option is to book The Undertaker in a match against Roman Reigns, a match which can be promoted as “The Deadman returns to take back his yard”. This storyline will be fueled by Undertaker’s revenge but the issue with this rivalry is that it will look similar to the one Undertaker had with Brock Lesnar in the summer of 2015 when The Undertaker returned to exact revenge on the beast incarnate. Fans these days are ready to boo Roman Reigns no matter who is he facing so it will be more of a wasted opportunity for both men. The only way Roman Reigns can get a decent reaction is if he teams up with Seth Rollins to take on Drew Mcintyre and Dolph Ziggler.

4. Demon Balor:

We know that WWE likes to use Demon Balor rarely in order to make Finn Balor look unstoppable and keep him undefeated while he is in his Demon alter-ego and Summerslam is that occasion where the Demon always shows up. A rare occasion like this requires a great storyline too and a program with The Undertaker can do wonders for Finn Balor’s career. The storyline will heavily rely on vignettes and mind-games and these elements will set aside this story from other stories going on in the WWE giving it a fresh feel.

5. John Cena:

Everyone was disappointed with how the heavily rumored Undertaker/Cena match turned out to be at Wrestlemania. The build was good in the sense that John Cena delivered some excellent shoot promos during the road to Wrestlemania but the match disappointed BIG TIME!

This match had the potential to be the biggest match of the modern era of professional wrestling but there’s still a chance that WWE could do it justice. With both The Undertaker and John Cena rumored for Summerslam, how about booking them in a rematch at Summerslam? But with proper storyline, realistic shoot promos, intimidating vignettes and most importantly, a decent match.

That’s it for this article folks. Who do you guys think should face The Undertaker at Summerslam? Comment your choice.