The Most Romantic and Unusual Weekend Breaks in United Kingdom

For many people around the world, travelling someplace nice outside country is a perfect vacation; while for some, it is completely different. A staycation is a new kind of vacation that not only offers exciting places that you can discover and enjoy but they are super friendly to your pocket.

Keeping in mind that you will be travelling within the premises of the country, there are a vast range of destinations close to your home that can be made for a decent weekend getaway – from hiking and camping to the exotic Scottish Highlands, to the expansive beaches of Brighton, or simply checking out fantastic wine shops in Glasgow, there are many places near you.

Let us carefully check out some of the most exotic and exciting places around the UK that you can plan in the future.

The Cotswolds

For people searching for decent outdoors but also demand a little bit of pampering, Farmhouse Soho is a decent option for you to have a relaxing getaway with your partner or family. A place where there is a lot to discover with a luxurious space for you to have a quiet and relaxing time, you will be swayed by the fantastic service and delicious cuisine.

Best for having countryside ambles and chocolate-box villages, Soho Farmhouse is a place for a quiet and relaxing time. Also, the farmhouse is known for providing Hunter wellies for the guests, so make sure that you get one too.

Another secret hideout that has been earning a respectable name in the market is the Barnsley House. Located in one of most beautiful villages of Barnsley, United Kingdom, this exciting getaway spot facilitates the setting for beautiful countryside chalet that has some fantastic garden lodges and suites. If you plan to take a walk past the street in the evening, you will come across many beautiful houses and gardens by surpassing the famous Quaint Village pub.

Whether you choose to live in a Soho farmhouse or Barnsley House, if you are looking to enjoy good food then Lords of the Manor hotel is the place for you. Situated deeply in the quaint Slaughters, this particular hotel is known for its food and hospitality in the world.

The hotel is well stocked with Michelin-star food that will not only take you to a mystical journey of culinary masterpiece but will also entice you to your limits with some of the most breathtaking surroundings. If a comfortable pub is more like your thing, then you might enjoy checking the Swan Inn at Swinbrook.

Both Falkland Arms and Swan Inn at the Great Tew are some of the unique places for a hearty meal and well-crafted drink.

If you are planning to do something different, travel from the upper to the lower side of the River Eye to enjoy some local cuisines and cultures that will surely take your breath away. However, if the weather is not on your side, the villages of Burton and Burford have sufficient shops for you to gander and buy a different souvenir and gift items for your loves.

Also, the place is well-stocked with different pubs and tea rooms to keep you occupied for many days.

Lulworth Cove, Dorset

Without a doubt, Lulworth Cove is one of the richest places in the United Kingdom, and also the most underrated. Recognized as a heritage site, the landscape of Lulworth Cove has many beautiful locations that would keep any tourist for a longer period.

If you are planning to spend your time at Lulworth Cove, you can reach the destination without any problem. Keep in mind that there is no train station to Dorset, but the travelers can pick one at Wool, followed by a short local bus to Lulworth Cove that normally departs from the Wool bus station.

Porthcurno Beach, Cornwall

Porthcurno beach is a beautiful beach situated close to the famous town of Penzance, Porthcurno and is quite renowned for its stunning beaches and lush green outfields. If you are willing to take a break for an extended period of time, this beach is the best for you.

The best thing about Porthcurno beach is that the place is not just restricted to the beaches, but its surrounding areas and small villages are as equal and friendly as the beach.

If you are planning to visit Porthcurno Beach, you can easily reach your destination by taking a train to Penzance followed by a local bus to the beach. Besides having famous beaches and sandy shores, the place has quite a lot that you can easily discover.

Rum Doodle B&B and Lake District Cruise

Situated in the Windermere village, Rum Doodle provides a truly unique and one of a kind stay for the travellers. This beautiful countryside breakfast and bed provides spacious and neatly designed rooms that are perfect for enjoying a weekend gateway with your loved ones and family.

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