How To Wear Cheetah Print

Cheetah print is one of the most worn and stylish ones in the last decade. Men and women both love it and think it looks stylish. No matter how old you are you can always slay cheetah print! That is, as long as you know the following 6 rules.

1. Leopard + Denim

by Ajla Suceska
by Ajla Suceska

Cheetah (or leopard) print goes so well with denim anything. Pants, shorts, skirts, jackets- you name it!

Just make sure you wear your denim shorts with anything black on top. It can be a black leather jacket or a backpack, it will look magnificent!

However, never pair more than 2 colors with cheetah prints, it will look tacky.

Cheetah print mostly looks good with the colors black, red, brown, burgundy, beige and white. Sometimes yellow and sometimes gray, anything else is just a big no-no.

2. Cheetah Print Work Dress

by Ajla Suceska
by Ajla Suceska

Cheetah dresses can look provocative, that is if you go for a tight bodycon option.

Women who are up for more formal wear can dress up a flowy cheetah print dress and still go to work in it.

Just don't let your dress be too thin and tight around your body, the minute you do that it automatically becomes a night out option.

For your daily wear, make sure you find a big black belt that will give some additional class to it. A simple pair of any black flats will definitely be a full strike with the formal office wear.

3. Cheetah Print As An Accessory

by Ajla Suceska
by Ajla Suceska

This print can look great as an accessory. Big cheetah glasses and a belt will give so much life to an all-black outfit.

Also, be aware that if you buy a cheetah bag (clutch, tote, backpack, shoulder bag) each and every one of these bags will be a full stylish strike!

The best part is that the cheetah bags can be worn with everything and anything on top.

So it doesn't really matter what's the color of your jacket, dress, or pants, this accessory truly does go with everything.

4. Casual Shirt

by Ajla Suceska
by Ajla Suceska

Big chunky sweaters, t-shirts, and blouses are a trend, especially if they are this freaky.

They can be toned up or down based on the look you are going for and the accessories you are adding.

For instance, the cheetah top will look very Gucci if you wear a good pair of black leather pants.

If you are into keeping it low profile just wear your casual sweatpants and sneakers and it will look gym like.

5. The Fur

by Ajla Suceska
by Ajla Suceska

Finding the right fur in this print is challenging, not gonna lie. But if you are really determined you will find it.

H&M has got great furs as well as Zara for an acceptable price.

It can, again, look very glamorous if you pair it up with tons of accessory and your little black dress, or it can look like a casual daily wear option.

Either way, this piece is timeless and you should have one in your closet.

6. Shoes

by Ajla Suceska
by Ajla Suceska

Shoes are a women's best friend, and especially when they are in the cheetah print!

Nowadays you can find a lot of cheap dupes of many high-end brands on eBay.

Not that many women are down for paying 400$+ for a pair of shoes, and if you're one of them you just might find your luck on eBay, or at Missguided as well as Ikrush.

These sites are more than affordable, yet have stylish dupes.