All red everything- Valantines day

Looking all cute and sexy for the Valentines is a must, and that is why many women end up wearing red. Red is a true statement color that guys spot so easily. One thing is for sure; you will get a lot of attention while wearing it. So, in the following article, you can see just some of the ideas on how to wear this hot bright color for the upcoming date night!

1. Go big or go home

The brighter, the bigger, the fluffier, the better! Cocktail dresses are always going to be in style, and this little cutie is perfect for a date night.
You can wear it on its own or with a beige (or black) coat on top. Just make sure you either wear red, beige or black heels.
Any other color might be a bit too much since you won't be able to pair it all up.

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2. Casual in its own way

Now, some of us don't like to look too formal and all girly in chiffon dresses, and that is totally fine!
You can look beautiful in a long well made jumpsuit!
Open back details, or some deep decolletage or unusual cuts on the side will give life to the suit on their own!
A great thing about wearing jumpsuits is that you can pull it off to several different ocassions later on.
It is the perfect piece for a date night, job, wedding, or a quick coffee with the girls.
So you better invest some money into it, because you will make the most out of it!

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3. Pop of red

Spicing up your outfit with just one color is a great trick for those who are in a rush.
Even if you are someone who doesn't know how to dress up all fancy and stylish looking you will be able to pull this one off.
A pair of simple white jeans and a cashmere red sweater will turn your outfit upside down, and just imagine wearing kitten heels with it, my oh my!
Not only that this option can be your go-to for the Valentines, but you can totally wear it to your job or a birthday party.
Just make sure you have a bag that is as vibrant as your sweater and you will be showered with compliments for sure!

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4. Stay at home

Some of us might not go out for Valentines and that is more than okay.
Chilling at home option should be just as fun and as important as getting ready for a date night.
You should make the best out of it by taking a hot and long bath, drinking wine and eating your favorite chocolate.
Then, before you hit the bed, dress in your favorite and comfiest gym wear, turn on Netflix, and chill!

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