Will Kyrie Irving Sign Off on Celtics Signing LeBron James?

The Boston Celtics made a great run this season and were one game short of the NBA Finals. They were without their two stars Kyrie Irving and Gordon Haywood. Now, the Celtics will try to acquire LeBron James this off-season to form their own super-team but will Irving want to play with James again?

As everyone knows by now, LeBron James will almost certainly opt out of his contract and become a free agent. He is highly coveted and a multitude of teams will make a play for him. Luckily for the Celtics, they already have a great roster that would give James the perfect opportunity to beat the Golden State Warriors.

Make no mistake about it, James is focused on joining a team that can beat the Warriors next season. James does not want to waste any time rebuilding. He wants to win now and that will ultimately decide where he goes.

Without their two stars, the Celtics showed that they can still win. That alone shows James that the Celtics are talented and well-coached. With three potential stars next season, they can become even better than the Warriors. But will Kyrie Irving sign off on James joining the Celtics?

The Celtics are Irving’s team and he won’t give up his leadership role easily. He has found himself a home where he can make a name for himself. This Celtics team is also good enough to make the playoffs and give Irving support to win games. They are built to make a run for the playoffs for years to come.

If James joins the Celtics, they will become his team because he will be the best player on the team. Irving and his teammates will have to change their game to accommodate James and that may hinder them and their growth. Irving doesn’t like taking a backseat and may shoot down the potential of James joining the Celtics merely for selfish reasons.

When asked about James joining Irving, he suppressed his personal opinion and defected the responsibility to the Celtics. “In this business, I’ve kind of experienced it all and I’ve seen a lot, so we’ll see what management decided,” Irving said.

Irving’s response gives a lot away even though he doesn’t give us his input on the situation. He calls the NBA a business and that already tells you he doesn’t have a favorable view of the situation. When somebody says it business, it's not a good sign. Irving knows that the Celtics will make a play for James because he is the best player on the planet and Irving has decided things to play out without giving his input.

This is where the Celtics might have to be careful. Irving has opted to not sign a contract extension this summer and can leave next summer if he wants to. If the Celtics do get James, Irving may be displeased and leave next season. He has made it known in the past that he wants to be the first option and if the Celtics don’t uphold his wish, he will be angry at them and he may decide to walk away.

Irving doesn’t seem to care as much as winning a championship as most players in my opinion. He wants to cement his legacy and he can’t do that if he’s taking a backseat. Irving doesn’t want to be remembered as LeBron’s sidekick. He wants to leave behind his own legacy and will get his wish one way or another. He escaped James once and if the Celtics sign James this off-season, Irving will most likely not be playing for the Celtics the season after this one.